MIYAVI Return of the Samurai Guitarist: 20th & Beyond Tour 2023

20th solo anniversary: MIYAVI touring Europe and Asia

MIYAVI Return of the Samurai Guitarist: 20th & Beyond Tour 2023
MIYAVI is kicking off the 9-date European leg of Return of the Samurai Guitarist: 20th & Beyond Tour 2023 in Warsaw, Poland tonight. After Europe, he will be heading to China for five shows next, followed by two concerts in Taipei, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, respectively. It’s the first time MIYAVI returns to Europe as well as China since 2019. With the 20th & Beyond Tour, the musician, actor, and humanitarian is celebrating his 20th solo anniversary in Europe and Asia as an extension of his successful US tour with 21 shows last year. Of course, it would have been impossible to neglect Japan: MIYAVI excited his native fans in September with a performance in his hometown Ōsaka and one in Tōkyō.
Famous for his signature guitar playing and encouraging lyrics, the solo artist is going to present a diverse collection of songs taken from across his wide-ranging catalog of music with a total of 13 studio albums. Called the ›Samurai Guitarist‹ for his characteristic sound, MIYAVI is known for his distinctive slapping style inspired by a technique used for playing shamisen, a three-stringed, traditional Japanese instrument.
MIYAVI’s 13th studio album IMAGINARY
MIYAVI’s 13th studio album IMAGINARY

Playing Fender for electric guitars for years, the guitar virtuoso collaborated with Fender for the Fender Japan Miyavi Signature Telecaster in 2021. In the same year, he also released his latest studio album, the powerful IMAGINARY, which contains a cover of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit and the song Hush Hush, featuring the K-Pop star Kang Daniel, alongside nine further tracks. For his last single, RAYS, MIYAVI teamed up with the Japanese electronic music unit NOILION for the opening theme of Netflix’s ULTRAMAN’s final season. We are looking forward to the collection of songs MIYAVI has in store for his audiences.

Welcome back to Europe, MIYAVI! Best of celebrations for 20 years and beyond to the artist and the fans!

Tour dates Return of the Samurai Guitarist:
20th & Beyond Tour 2023

09/01 – Gorilla Hall Osaka, Osaka, Japan
09/18 – Line Cube Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

09/21 – Proxima, Warsaw, Poland
09/23 – Asia Fest, Bucharest, Romania
09/24 – Randal Club, Bratislava, Slovakia
09/26 – Durer Kert, Budapest, Hungary
09/27 – SO36, Berlin, Germany
09/28 – Zeche, Bochum, Germany
10/01 – La Maroquinerie, Paris, France
10/02 – O2 Academy Islington, London, UK
10/04 – Magazzini Generali, Milan, Italy

10/13 – 大麦·66LiveHouse, Hangzhou, China
10/15 – CH8 Livehouse, Chengdu, China
10/18 – Beijing EAST LIVE, Beijing, China
10/21 – MAO Livehouse Shanghai, Shanghai, China
10/22 – Republic of Sound Livehouse, Guangzhou, China

10/24 – Zepp New Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
10/25 – Music Zone Find Tickets, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

For further information on tickets and the tour dates, please check MIYAVI’s official website as well as of the promotion agency Kinetic Vibe.

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