HANABIE.—US Tour after captivating Europe

HANABIE. US Tour 2023
Metal-Pop hybrid band HANABIE. is touring the US these days with a total of 20 gigs! Their HANABIE. US Tour 2023 brings them to three festivals, six concerts as support for the Star Wars tribute Metal band Galactic Empire, and eleven headlining shows, two of which are supported by Hardcore Hip Hop band Fox Lake, and nine by Fox Lake and Nu Metal formation Dropout Kings.
The band’s name HANABIE. [花冷え。] refers to chilly spring weather, a cold spell during cherry blossoms in spring. The four band members might look sweet and fashionable, yet, just as their name suggests, the former highschool club MAXIMUM THE HORMONE cover band throws in harsh tunes to the mix. Calling their style ›Harajuku-Core‹, the band draws inspiration from Metal and Hardcore as much as J-Pop idol culture and vibrant Harajuku fashion.
Founded in 2015 in Kichijōji, Tōkyō, HANABIE. released their first EP Kaika Sengen [開花宣言] and first full-length album Otome Kaikaku [乙女改革] independently with Crystal Lake drummer Gaku Taura as the producer. With their second album, Raise wa Ijin! [来世は偉人], HANABIE. made their major debut at Epic Records, a label affiliated with Sony Music, on 26th of July, 2023. Two months later, the album saw its international release as Reborn Superstar! under Century Media.
HANABIE. 2nd album Raise wa Ijin! [来世は偉人] / Reborn Superstar!
HANABIE. 2nd album Raise wa Ijin! [来世は偉人] / Reborn Superstar!
In August, they’ve blasted away the fans in Europe with sold-out shows during their HANABIE. European Tour 2023, which had ten concerts scheduled, but the opening gig at the Metaldays festival in Velenje, Slovenia, was cancelled due to heavy rainfalls and floods.

But the exciting year doesn’t end overseas for the band. After finishing the HANABIE. US Tour 2023 with a blast at Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California, the festival season doesn’t end for the band. After returning to Japan, HANABIE. are going to play at Bring Me the Horizon’s music festival NEX_FEST at Makuhari Messe, Tōkyō, on 3rd of November alongside the bands BABYMETAL, Yungblud, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, YAOSOBI [夜遊び], and more. Finally in December, the band is joining two events of SiM’s “PLAYDEAD” WORLD TOUR SEASON 1.


Galactic Empire US September 2023
Galactic Empire US September 2023
Tour dates HANABIE. US Tour 2023

09/09 – Blue Ridge Rock Fest, Alton, Virginia
09/12 – Hangar 1819, Greensboro, North Carolina [support for Galactic Empire]
09/13 – Ground Zero Spartanburg, South Carolina [support for Galactic Empire]
09/14 – The Masquerade, Atlanta, Georgia [support for Galactic Empire]
09/15 – The Social, Orlando, Florida [support for Galactic Empire]
09/18 – Warehouse Live, Houston, Texas [support for Galactic Empire]
09/19 – Come and Take It Live Austin, Texas [support for Galactic Empire]
09/20 – Louder Than Life, Kentucky Exposition Center Louisville, Kentucky
09/23 – Preserving Underground, New Kensington, Penns. [with: Fox Lake]
09/24 – Gramercy Theatre, New York, New York [with: Fox Lake]
09/26 – Piere’s, Fort Wayne, Indiana [with: Dropout Kings, Fox Lake]
09/27 – The Forge, Joliet, Illinois [with: Dropout Kings, Fox Lake]
09/28 – The Annex, Madison, Wisconsin [with: Dropout Kings, Fox Lake]
09/29 – Lefty’s, Des Moines, Iowa [with: Dropout Kings, Fox Lake]
09/30 – Marquis Theater, Denver, Colorado [with: Dropout Kings, Fox Lake]
10/01 – Black Sheep, Colorado Springs, Colorado [with: Dropout Kings, Fox Lake]
10/03 – The Nile Theater, Mesa, Arizona [with: Dropout Kings, Fox Lake]
10/04 – Brick by Brick, San Diego, California [with: Dropout Kings, Fox Lake]
10/05 – Whisky A Go Go, Los Angeles, California [with: Dropout Kings, Fox Lake]
10/06 – Aftershock Festival, Discovery Park, Sacramento, California

For further information about HANABIE.’s live activities, please check HANABIE’s official website.

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