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Unleashing the devil: DEVILOOF on Latin American Tour

Beware!! The Japanese authorities let the most violent Visual-kei band off the leash! Their first destination: Latin America. DEVILOOF are going to prove the devil’s existence in Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Brazil.
DEVILOOF Latin America Tour 2024 (not all tour dates!)
DEVILOOF Latin America Tour 2024 (not all tour dates!)

After forming in 2015, DEVILOOF played at Wacken Open Air only a year later and joined the major label Tokuma in 2022. Unfortunately, they were forced to cancel the planned Europe tour due to COVID-19 in 2020 and to postpone their Latin American tour for 2022. We all know the negative effects the pandemic had on bands. Therefore, it is delightful to see how DEVILOOF hasn’t given up on going international.

The stars are aligned in their favor, considering the international attention they have gained lately and the support of a major label. We hope they will raid Europa someday soon, but at the same time, we are excited for our Latin American fellows to experience surely flashy and aggressive shows now.

The Osaka-based band’s first EP, PURGE, offered a solid Grindcore base, adding Metalcore with their debut album, The Devils Proof. DEVILOOF are continuing to refine their sound with elements of Death Metal and Nu-Metal in their latest releases. So, they serve an unholy composition of well-rounded extreme Metal.

Remember to get a ticket, then warm up properly, and kiss your loved ones goodbye because you are going to die in this hell of a mosh pit! We might be a bit overdramatic, but seriously, take care of each other and have fun!!

Tour Dates DEVILOOF Latin America Tour 2024

05/25 – La Piedad Live Music, Mexico City, Mexico
05/27 – Iwanna Rock Club, Lima, Peru
05/29 – Galpón B, Buenos Aires, Argentina (CANCELLED)
05/31 – Sala CreaRock, Santiago, Chile
06/02 – Jai Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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