FATE GEAR Artist Photo 2023

Steampunk Metal band FATE GEAR embarking on European Tour

Gear up, Europe! The female Steampunk Metal band FATE GEAR from Japan will rock Europe for the fourth time with their unique sound blending Metal, Rock, and Steampunk flair.
FATE GEAR Live In Blood Tour 2024
FATE GEAR Live In Blood Tour 2024
Formed in the heart of Tokyo, FATE GEAR’s journey began in 2015 with Captain Mina as the founder. The Steampunk band with battle-themed topics now consists of Mina (guitar), Nana (vocals), Erika (bass), and Haruka (drums). Kurosaki (keyboard) only recently left the band due to personal reasons.
FATE GEAR—Get Lost in Hades (2024)
FATE GEAR—Get Lost in Hades (2024)
FATE GEAR’s sound consists of powerful guitar riffs, driving rhythms, and symphonic undertones, transporting listeners to a world where the past meets Steampunk. Vocalist Nana has a commanding presence. Her vocal range from hauntingly melodic to fiercely aggressive is transmitting each track’s essence directly to the heart. Check it out on their latest single, Get Lost in Hades, which was released on April 10th, 2024!
Now, FATE GEAR is ready to take Europe by storm once again! Join their European Live In Blood Tour 2024 with concerts filled with epic performances and unforgettable moments. All tour dates can be found below.
FATE GEAR Live In Blood Tour 2024 European Dates

05/04 – Ned Music Club, Montreux, Switzerland
05/05 – Japan Touch, Lyon, France
05/07 – Goldmarks, Stuttgart, Germany
05/08 – Zik-Zak, Ittre, Belgium
05/10 – Podium DE FLUX, Zaandam, Netherlands
05/11 – Das Rind, Rüsselsheim, Germany
05/12 – Atelier Rock, Belgium
05/14 – Lagerhaus, Bremen, Germany
05/15 – Stone im Ratinger Hof, Düsseldorf, Germany
05/17 – Magnificon Expo, Krakow, Poland

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