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Pillar of Chinese Post-Rock: Wang Wen on European Tour

Wang Wen [惘闻], China’s biggest and most important Post Rock act, returns to Europe, continuing their 25th anniversary tour all around the globe.
Wang Wen 2024 EU Tour
Wang Wen 2024 EU Tour
Wang Wen, formed in 1999 in Dalian, China, is as much a pillar of Asian Post-Rock as MONO from Japan. Both bands are not only known for bending genre rules and limits, but they’re also signed to one of Europe’s most important record labels for independent music: Pelagic Records, from where you can also get the most of the band’s albums in various, beautiful vinyl editions.
Wang Wen—All Yesterday’s Parties (2024)
Wang Wen—All Yesterday’s Parties (2024)

Wang Wen’s most recent outlet is the live album All Yesterday’s Parties, which was released on the 10th of February, 2024. The album compiles live recordings that offers a wide range of songs all across Wang Wen’s studio albums.

While the release may seem like a birthday tribute, it’s more a reflection of the band’s past DNA, which is most tangible on the track Polluted Pond. Originally released on their fourth album, IV, the live version of the song on All Yesterday’s Parties makes this already perfect song even more perfect by adding more atmosphere. It’s the little details that encourage you to listen to it on repeat.

If you can’t wait to experience Wang Wen’s creations live as much as we do, check out the dates below and get your tickets now!
Dates Wang Wen 2024 EU Tour

05/09 – Dunk!Festival, Gent, Belgium
05/11 – KuBa, Jena, Germany
05/12 – Beatpol, Dresden, Germany
05/13 – Rock Cafe (w/ Jambinai), Prague, Czech Republic
05/14 – Backstage, Munich, Germany
05/15 – Bogen F, Zurich, Switzerland
05/17 – La Maroquinerie, Paris, France
05/20 – La Nau, Barcelona, Spain
05/22 – Legend Club Milano, Milano, Italy
05/25 – YES, Manchester, UK
05/26 – Portals Festival, London, UK

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