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Of Closure and new Beginnings

Four years ago on this very day, we launched EN.CORE ROCKS. I still remember how excited we all were when the web magazine we had prepared for the past year finally went live. We were full of zest for action and bursting with enthusiasm. The feedback was amazingly encouraging and we had already received blasting opportunities even before publishing a single article.

We were probably also a bit naive and not having published anything like this on our own before, we did a bunch of mistakes, too. Eventually, we became a bit weary. Most of all, though, everyone in the team has changed. Some of my amazing team members graduated and had to face the demands of a working life. Others found new interests and their focus shifted.

At some point, we had to face the hard truth: What we did rarely met our high expectations. It hurt, but in conclusion we decided to close EN.CORE ROCKS as it was. Leave the media work to other great people out there and shape this space into something new.

Title Photo: Red shoes of GYZE drummer Shuji in the backstage of Astan Asia Day, 17th October, 2015.

MIYAVI 2014/03/27 LIVE MUSIC HALL Cologne Germany photo by Wanda Proft
One of the first concerts I shot for EN.CORE ROCKS: MIYAVI 2014/03/27 Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany.

As of now, I am continuing EN.CORE ROCKS as a solo project. With a more personal reflection, I’ll share content similar to the one we had in the magazine on EN.CORE ROCKS BLOG. But I would like to concentrate more on my activities in book publishing and PR. I’ve already got a few ideas and projects in the pipeline, so let’s see where this new endeavour will lead to!

Nevertheless, I’m not continuing all alone. Instead of my own team, I’m going to work with trusted partners. There is Vincent for a start, my former team mate, who is going to establish his own project about asian music called AMUnderground very soon. I am also teaming up with Francisca of AVO Magazine and Merle from INDIE FIGHTERS. Together, we are going to use this webspace to establish an event and release calendar for international activities of artists from East Asia.

It really is how it always goes: When one door closes, another one opens. I am, again, excited and full of enthusiasm. I have learned so much in the past years and I am looking forward to all the new experiences and lessons to come.

In one and half week, I am going to embark a new adventure: From early October onwards, I’ll be staying in Japan for about a year and can’t wait to kick-start this new path for my beloved EN.CORE ROCKS from there! In the sentiment of still having a lot on my plate before stepping on the plane, I’m leaving you now with the latest music video of one of the most motivational Japanese artists out there.

Until next time, take care!

MIYAVI—No Sleep Till Tokyo
Picture of Wanda Proft

Wanda Proft

The visionary and head of EN.CORE ROCKS. A devoted, multi-talented creative, music addict, enthusiastic traveler calling Tōkyō her second home, and explorer of contemporary as well as traditional culture of Japan. [Illustration: Lisa Röntsch]