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For the first Time: Billlie touring the World!

South Korean K-Pop girl group Billlie [빌리], not to be confused with Billie Eilish, will be starting off their first ever world tour, Billlie World Tour “Our FLOWERLD (Belllie’ve You)”, in Munich, Germany, in just a few days. Only European dates have been announced yet, so we can probably expect more dates to come. The European tour leg consists of 9 shows—kicking it off in Munich on the 12th and wrapping it up in Warsaw on the 30th of July.

Billlie World Tour “Our FLOWERLD (Belllie've You)” 2024
Billlie World Tour “Our FLOWERLD (Belllie've You)” 2024
Billlie debuted in November 2021 and originally consisted of six members: Moon Sua, Suhyeon, Haram, Tsuki, Siyoon, and Haruna. Sheon joined the group as the seventh member only a few weeks after the girl group’s official debut.
The name Billlie is purposefully spelled with three ‘L’s, because it can be broken down into 3 parts: ‘Bi’ [비] (‘rain’ in Korean), ‘11’, and ‘lie’—Bi11lie, which is another way stylize their name. Their legend tells “When the 11th bell rings in the middle of a purple rain, something strange happens”, yet the members “lie” about what happened in order to keep it a secret. But also the first letter of the band name, ‘B’, stands for the B-side of a person’s personality, the inner-self that everyone has inside them, which they say to portray in hope to connect and empathize with their audience.
Since their debut, Billlie has won five awards at several award shows with two of them being won this year: the Hot Icon award at Asia Star Entertainer Awards (ASEA) and Best Performance Award at Seoul Music Awards (SMA).
Billlie—Knock-on Effect (2024)
Billlie—Knock-on Effect (2024)
GingaMingaYo is by far Billlie’s most popular song with over 37 million streams on Spotify, followed by EUNOIA and RING my Bell. Their latest mini album, Knock-on Effect, is their first Japanese album in which they’ve recorded their most popular songs in Japanese. You can take a look at their latest Japanese music video DOMINO down below.
Bellie’ve it or not, Billlie is coming to Europe so check out their tour dates below!
Billlie World Tour “Our FLOWERLD (Belllie’ve You)” Tour Dates

07/12 – Munich, Germany
07/14 – Berlin, Germany
07/17 – Cologne, Germany
07/19 – Stockholm, Sweden
07/21 – London, UK
07/24 – Lisbon, Portugal
07/26 – Prague, Czech Republic
07/28 – Budapest, Hungary
07/30 – Warsaw, Poland

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