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OnlyOneOf on first ever world tour!

Six-member boy group OnlyOneOf [온리원오브] is currently touring Europe as part of their very first world tour, spanning across five continents. Altogether, the OnlyOneOf 2024 World Tour [dOpamine] consists of 34 shows—with 9 of them being held in Europe. On the 2nd of June, London was the first European city to witness the talents of these young K-Pop group and Barcelona gets to see them last, on the 18th of June.
OnlyOneOf 2024 World Tour [dOpamine]
OnlyOneOf 2024 World Tour [dOpamine]

OnlyOneOf, which stands for ›someone’s only one‹, debuted in May 2019 as a seven-member group, formed by 8D Entertainment. Ex-member Love withdrew from the group in August 2021 due to personal reasons. The style of the band has been described as ›ubersexual‹, indicating a mix of softness and strong masculine sexiness.

But most of all, the musicians are committed to their main concept of ›infinite expansion‹. All of them already contributed songwriting, costume, and concept ideas during their trainee days and are still contributing their own creative work to the group’s success.

OnlyOneOf—Instinct Part. 1 (2021)
OnlyOneOf—Instinct Part. 1 (2021)
Get ready and let KB, Rie, Yoojung, Junji, Mill, and Nine refill your dOpamine levels and check out all of their tour dates below!
OnlyOneOf 2024 World Tour [dOpamine] Dates

03/27 – Osaka, Japan
03/29 – Tokyo, Japan

04/04 – São Paolo, Brasil
04/06 – Montevideo, Uruguay
04/10 – Medellín, Columbia
04/12 – Monterrey, Mexico
04/14 – CDMX (Mexico City), Mexico

04/17 – Vancouver, Canada
04/19 – Chicago, USA
04/21 – New York, USA
04/24 – Toronto, Canada
04/26 – Atlanta, USA
04/28 – San Juan, Puerto Rico
04/30 – Orlando, USA
05/01 – Dallas, USA
05/03 – San Francisco, USA
05/05 – Los Angeles, USA

06/02 – London, UK
06/04 – Paris, France
06/06 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
06/07 – Cologne, Germany
06/09 – Munich, Germany
06/12 – Warsaw, Poland
06/14 – Milan, Italy
06/16 – Madrid, Spain
06/18 – Barcelona, Spain

07/02 – Taipei, Taiwan
07/04 – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
07/07 – Manila, Philippines
07/09 – Hong Kong, China
07/11 – Singapore, Singapore
07/13 – Bangkok, Thailand
07/16 – Jakarta, Indonesia

07/19 – Sydney, Australia
07/21 – Melbourne, Australia

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