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KNOSIS back on European tour with headlining show!

When vocalist Ryo Kinoshita left Crystal Lake in 2022, citing mental health reasons, it sounded like he had quit music for good. Luckily this wasn’t the case and 2023 already marked the beginning of a brand new chapter for him: the Metalcore project KNOSIS [ノーシス]. Now, the experimental unit is returning to Europe!

With the help of vocalist Yosh (Survive Said the Prophet), one of his oldest and best friends, Ryo started working on new songs that followed the genre bending concept he already started to create with Crystal Lake with songs such as Disobey or Aeon. The new venture eventually lead to the first amazing single track by KNOSIS called Seisai [星砕].

Following up with an EP consisting of three songs that couldn’t be more diverse to each other, KNOSIS gradually made a name of themselves all around the globe. In 2023, they toured Europe as support for Stray from the Path, proving not only that the band came to stay, but also that Ryo Kinoshita is by far one of the most creative and ambitious people in our current generation of Metal.

EUROPE SUMMER TOUR 2024—headlining show in Bochum
EUROPE SUMMER TOUR 2024—headlining show in Bochum
If you missed them last year, you’re lucky, because KNOSIS will visit Europe again this year on various festivals, as well as a headline show in Bochum, Germany on the 6th of July. So, be fast and grab your tickets before they’re gone, because this will definitely be a night to remember!

06/27 – Jera On Air, Ysselsteyn, Netherlands
06/29 – Resurrection Fest, Viveiro, Spain
07/01 – Phenomenon, Novara, Italy
07/02 – Eur Social Park, Rome, Italy
07/03 – Kino Siska, Ljubljana, Slovenia
07/04 – Barba Negra, Budapest, Hungary
07/05 – Fajtfest, Velke Mezirici, Czech Republic
07/06 – Matrix Rockpalast, Bochum, Germany
07/07 – Ieperfest, Ypres, Belgium

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