Dhidalah artist photo 2023, photo by Kentaro Takahashi

New sense of Space: Dhidalah touring Europe

Dhidalah is returning to Europe for ten shows this May! The Space Rock Power trio, formed in 2013 in the Tokyo underground scene, perform improvised musical performances inspired by various genres, from Stoner Rock and Doom Metal to Krautrock.
Dhidalah—Sensoria (2022)
Dhidalah—Sensoria (2022)
Dhidalah 2024 EU & UK Tour
Dhidalah 2024 EU & UK Tour
Probably in contrast to first impression, the band’s name refers to Japanese folklore, drawing reference to the mythical giant called Daidarabotchi [ダイダラボッチ / 大座法師]. This yōkai (Japanese mythical ghosts and monsters) is known for creating mountains, lakes, and islands with its enormous size. This name choice reflects Dhidalah’s vision of sound, which is as monumental and transformative as the giant itself.
Dhidalah are creating their songs based on jam sessions. They released their second album, Sensoria, in 2022 via Guruguru Brain, the same label Minami Deutsch are signed at. With the release, Dhidalah worked around the questions »Where is space? Is it in our brain? Or is it outside the planet Earth?«, opening you to a new sense of space.
Check out the tour dates below and get your tickets now! Dhidalah are ending their European tour at Sonic Whip festival, where they will play alongside label mates Minami Deutsch.
Tour Dates Dhidalah 2024 EU & UK Tour

05/02 – Kulturfabrik, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
05/03 – Green Door Store, Brighton, UK
05/04 – The Lubber Fiend, Newcastle, UK
05/05 –The Hug & Pint, Glasgow, UK
05/06 – The Louisiana, Bristol, UK
05/07 – The Shacklewell Arms, London, UK
05/08 – La Boule, Lille, France
05/09 – Les 3 Pièces, Rouen, France
05/10 – Vera, Groningen, Netherlands
05/11 – Sonic Whip, Nijmegen, Netherlands

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