Yukka introducing her Album STAGE5 touring Europe

Singer-songwriter Yukka [ゆっか] is touring Europe for eight concerts with her new album STAGE5. Last year, she performed in the UK and Europe’s biggest festival for Japan culture, the Japan Expo in Paris.
The album STAGE5 contains 12 tracks and is released digitally and physically. The songs were created over the last three years, once again proving Yukka’s diverse talent.
Yukka’s album STAGE5
Yukka’s album STAGE5
Yukka STAGE5 album promotion
Yukka STAGE5 album promotion

Yukka loves composing music since her college days, started her career under the name YUKIKA [恭加], and has previously been the vocalist and guitarist of coral sea. The Japanese musician, performing under the name Yukka since November 2020, is a self-producing multi-talent.

She is known for her street performances and has also performed in the United States. With a desire to connect with music from around the world by getting inspired by a wide range of musical genres, Yukka makes catchy music still taking pride in the Japanese language and music.

Tour Dates Yukka “STAGE5” Europe Tour 2024

04/20 – Japan Day, Arlon, Belgium
04/21 – Garage, Liege Garage, Belgium
04/25 – COMICON NAPOLI, Napoli, Italy
04/26 – COMICON NAPOLI, Napoli, Italy
04/27 – Mang’Azur, Toulon, France
04/28 – Mang’Azur, Toulon, France
05/05 – Japan Touch Haru, Lyon, France
05/11 – TBA, Paris, France

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