G.L.A.M.S delighting Europe with Twilight After The Rain Europe Tour 2020

G.L.A.M.S—TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN Europe Tour 2020 Tour Flyer
Passionate Rock storyteller Mikaru has returned to Europe with his multidisciplinary art project G.L.A.M.S. On board for the TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN Europe Tour 2020 is his undaunted crew, guitarist Yudai, bassist Tetsuto, and drummer/DJ Syu. Regular guests in European realms, the four musicians are indulging the fans with unforgotten melodies and the new songs from G.L.A.M.S’ upcoming forth mini album TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN, which was released with the kick-off of the tour.

»Our shows are pure entertainment and I want you to feel the emotions right in the moment. Let’s become one and be led by my music together!«Mikaru, G.L.A.M.S

02/27    La Brat Cave, Lille (FR)   [with: Keystone (FR)]
02/28    Japan Tours Festival, Tours (FR)
02/29    L’internationale, Paris (FR)   [with: Alex Skydda (FR) / guest]
03/01    Le Garage, Liège (BE)   [with: VII ARC (DE) / Felo De Se (BE)]
03/05    Marie-Antoinette, Berlin (DE)
03/07    Chapeau Rouge, Prague (CZ)
03/08    Voodoo Klub, Warsaw (PL)   [with: Divine Particles (PL)]
03/12    Tsunami Club, Cologne (DE)   [with: VII ARC (DE)]
03/13    Popcentrale, Dordrecht (NL)   [with: VII ARC (DE) / Ex Lives (NL)]
03/14    Made In Asia, Brussels (BE) (cancelled)
03/14    substitute show: Rock Classic, Brussels (BE) (free entry)
03/15    Made In Asia, Brussels (BE) (cancelled)

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